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If you're injured on-duty, do you know your rights? Test your knowledge by answering True or False to each of the following statements:


If I am injured on the railroad:

1) I am covered by Workers' Compensation. The railroad has to pay me my lost wages while I'm off.

2) I don't have to comply with company instructions while I'm off due to an on-the-job injury.

3) It is in my best interest to accept the railroad's offer of light duty.

4) When I return to work, the railroad has to pay me at least my lost wages.

5) The value of my injury is worth 2.5 X my lost wages.

6) If I get fired for my work injury, I lose my right to financial recovery.

7) The railroad has to approve my medical treatment.

8) My doctors must release my medical files to the railroad.

9) The railroad is responsible for my medical bills.

10) The railroad determines if I am entitled to a disability.

11) It is the claim agent's job to make sure my financial needs are met.

12) I am required to give a statement to the claim agent.

13) By dealing with the claim agent, I will not be put under surveillance.

14) When the claim agent gives me advances, the railroad is admitting responsibility for my work injury.

15) The railroad is admitting responsibility for my injury if they don't call a disciplinary investigation.

16) If I receive advances from the claim agent, I don't have the right to hire a railroad accident attorney.

17) A three year statute of limitation is the only one which applies.

18) The railroad can extend the three year statute of limitations.


So, are you confident with your answers? Well, if you answered "True" to any of the above statements, you have misconceptions in your basic understanding of your rights under the FELA - Federal Employers' Liability Act. You may be putting yourself and your family at risk. Knowledge is everything when protecting your rights under the law. Feel free to contact Hoey & Farina any time at (888) 425-1212 to discuss any of the statements listed in this test or read through other Straight Track articles to learn more.

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