FRSA Railroad Whistleblower

Railroad Whistleblower / FRSA

Railroad workers who are wrongfully terminated or disciplined are covered under the Federal Railroad Safety Act (FRSA). The FRSA is a strong law that provides relief and damages for railroad workers who suffer retaliation for injuries, safety concerns, or when railroad managers and its medical department personnel deny, delay, or interfere with the course of the employee's medical treatment or for following a treating doctor's orders or treatment plan.

Some of the examples of what you can recoup as losses under the FRSA are:

  • To avoid and expunge your discipline
  • To reinstate you with all seniority and benefits unimpaired
  • To pay you back wages with interest
  • To pay for all your economic losses
  • To pay unlimited emotional distress damages
  • To pay punitive damages up to $250,000
  • To pay your attorney's fees and costs

Deadline to File is Only 180 Days

The window for filing a FRSA complaint with OSHA's Whistleblower Protection Directorate is only 180 days. That means railroad workers only have 180 days to file from the date the worker knew or should have known the railroad decided to take an adverse action against them.

If you believe a railroad has retaliated against you for reporting an injury, reporting an unsafe condition, or for following the treatment plan of your doctor ("protected activities"), contact us as soon as possible so we can determine if you have a FRSA claim and if so how best to protect your rights.

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