FELA Railroad Injury

FELA & The Injured Railroad Worker

Why an Injured Railroader Needs an Experienced FELA Lawyer

Injured railroad workers are covered under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA). They are NOT covered by Workers' Compensation and are NOT entitled to automatically recover damages. Instead, injured railroad workers must prove the railroad was negligent in failing to furnish a reasonably safe work place and/or the proper equipment for work.

The railroad in order to deflect negligence immediately after an accident involving an injury has its claim agents and attorneys begin protecting its interests – not the injured railroader’s.

The claim agent takes witness statements, investigates the railroad accident scene / equipment, and reviews the facts. The claim agent may even attempt to take the injured railroader’s statement at the hospital, while medicated - again, to minimize the railroad's liability and maximize the worker’s responsibility. The railroad claim agent might also attempt to stop the injured worker from exercising his right to choose treating physician(s) and push the injured railroader to treat with a company doctor who is loyal to the railroad.

This is why if you are injured at work on the railroad you hire a personal injury lawyer experienced with FELA claims and railroad injury litigation.

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Our railroad injury attorneys understand the complex litigation of railroad injury claims and have obtained record verdicts and settlements against the railroads.   Hoey & Farina, P.C. has had the privilege of representing injured railroad workers who are members of many railroad crafts and unions:

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