What Kind of Damages Can I Recover Under FELA?

The Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) offers crucial protection and compensation to railroad employees who sustain injuries or suffer from occupational illnesses. If you’ve experienced a railroad-related injury, understanding the FELA claim process is essential to maximize your chances of recovering the appropriate damages. In this comprehensive guide, our expert Chicago’s FELA lawyers at Hoey & Farina, P.C. unpack the FELA claim process and discuss potentially recoverable damages. We’ll also discuss the best strategies for securing favorable settlements and verdicts in FELA claims.

What Exactly Is a FELA Claim?

A FELA claim is a legal action brought by injured railroad workers to recover damages attributable to on-the-job accidents or occupational illnesses. Created in 1908, the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) governs these claims, holding employers accountable for workplace negligence that results in injuries. FELA claims differ from ordinary workers’ compensation claims by offering more extensive compensation and requiring evidence of employer negligence.

The Different Types of Injuries FELA Covers

FELA offers broad coverage to injured railroad workers, encompassing various work-related injuries and illnesses. Such injuries extend beyond accidents on the job and include conditions that develop over time due to repetitive stress or exposure to hazardous substances. Common injuries and illnesses in FELA claims include:

  • Accident-related injuries: These include physical injuries sustained during collisions, derailments, and other work-related incidents, such as fractures, head trauma, and spinal cord injuries.
  • Repetitive stress or strain injuries: Resulting from continuous, repetitive motions in the workplace, examples include carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, and lower back injuries.
  • Occupational illnesses: Chronic health conditions that stem from consistent exposure to harmful substances or environments in the workplace, such as mesothelioma, asbestosis, or diesel exhaust exposure.
  • Psychological trauma: Emotional harm from a traumatic event or particularly stressful work environment, including post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression.

The Damages You Can Recover in a FELA Claim

A successful FELA claim can result in compensation for various damages depending on the nature and extent of the injury or illness. Injured railroad workers may recover:

  • Economic Damages: Recompense for quantifiable monetary losses, including medical expenses, lost wages, and diminished future earning capacity.
  • Non-Economic Damages: Compensation for subjective, non-monetary losses like pain and suffering, emotional distress, disfigurement, and loss of enjoyment of life.
  • Punitive Damages: Restitution awarded in cases where the employer’s conduct was particularly egregious, intended to punish the wrongdoing party and discourage future misconduct.

How Is Liability Proven in a FELA Claim?

To establish liability in a FELA claim, railroad workers must demonstrate that their employer’s negligence contributed to their injuries or occupational illnesses. This entails proving the following elements:

  1. Duty: The railroad company owed the worker a duty to maintain a reasonably safe work environment.
  2. Breach: The company failed to uphold this duty through insufficient safety measures or inadequate training and supervision.
  3. Causation: The company’s breach of duty directly or indirectly led to the worker’s injury or illness.
  4. Damages: The worker sustained quantifiable harm, which can be compensated through monetary awards.

Stay tuned as we delve into the ultimate guide for successfully recovering your FELA claim and how to secure the professional assistance of Hoey & Farina, P.C. lawyers to discuss your FELA claim further.

Successfully pursuing a FELA claim involves several steps and considerations. Here is an ultimate guide to help you navigate the process:

1. Report the Injury:

Immediately document and report the incident to your supervisor or designated authority. Provide as much detail as possible concerning the circumstances of the injury, including the time, location, and possible contributing factors.

2. Seek Medical Care:

Prioritize your health and seek prompt medical attention. Inform your healthcare provider that your injury or illness is work-related, and request thorough documentation of your condition and treatment plan.

3.Gather Evidence:

Collect and maintain records, such as photographs of the injury site, witness statements, and any correspondence with supervisors or management regarding your injury or work environment. This evidence can support your claim that your employer’s negligence caused your injury.

4. Consult an Hoey & Farina, P.C. FELA Attorney:

Engage the services of a qualified FELA lawyer, with Hoey & Farina, P.C. Chicago-based FELA lawyers, to represent your interests and guide you through the complex legal process.

5. Be Prepared for Negotiations:

Successful FELA claims often involve settlement negotiations with the railroad company. Your attorney will assist by evaluating offers and advising on the best action to maximize your recovery.

The Importance of Expert Legal Representation in FELA Claims

A skillful FELA attorney is invaluable in navigating the complexities of the FELA claims process, which differ significantly from standard workers’ compensation claims. Expert legal representation ensures that you gather the necessary evidence to prove your employer’s negligence and that you receive the full compensation you deserve for your injuries.

An experienced FELA lawyer with connections to industry experts will help establish causation, accurately estimate the value of your claim, and negotiate with the railroad company on your behalf. If a fair settlement cannot be reached, your attorney will be prepared to take your case to trial to secure the best possible outcome.

Statute of Limitations in FELA Claims

In most cases, FELA claims must be filed within three years of the injury or illness’s onset. This statute of limitations is essential, as filing a claim outside this timeframe may render you ineligible for compensation.

Consulting with a knowledgeable FELA attorney promptly after your injury will ensure your claim is filed within the appropriate time frame. Furthermore, involving an attorney early in the process improves your chances of recovering the maximum compensation, as evidence collection is often more successful closer to the event.

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Navigating the complex landscape of FELA claims can be overwhelming, but with the right guidance and legal representation, you can successfully recover the damages you deserve for your railroad work-related injury or illness. By understanding the nuances of FELA claims, proactively gathering evidence, adhering to the statute of limitations, and securing the expertise of skilled FELA attorneys like Hoey & Farina, P.C. you can maximize your chances of obtaining justice and proper compensation.

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